Go Solar Systems ltd supplies and installs Batteries in Kenya and East Africa.

Batteries are an essential part of renewable energy systems,like solar, wind and back up systems because they enable you to store energy and use it when it is not being produced by the system.

GX12 Sealed Batteries


• Easily configured for battery banks of higher capacity or voltage.

• Sealed, non-spillable VRLA design.

• Heavy-duty lead calcium grid grids.

• With special process design, the service life is over one fold higher than conventional (adsorption type).

• Maintenance free (no water to add ).

• Wide temperature range of operation.

• Threaded insert terminal terminals.

• Durable high grade ABS plastic case with built in lifting handles.

• Even concentration of solid gel electrolyte and free from lamination of acid. Electrolyte is fixed within gel and free from leakage.

The GX12 batteries are an ideal building block for commercial/residential backup power systems. They are maintenance free, valve regulated, lead acid (VRLA) and Gel Batteries, using the latest recombinant technology, virtually eliminating batteries gassing in normal operations.

This batteries can be used on its own for small 12-volt systems or in multiples for higher voltage/capacity banks.

Stackable, powder-coated, steel battery enclosures are also available to house your batteries.

• Solid gel electrolyte, internally short-circuit free, large thermal capacity with strong heat dissipation, free from the loss of thermal control are commonly suffered by conventional (adsorption type) batteries.

• Board is made from alloys without antimony and the self-discharging rate is extremely low. If it is stored for two years at the ambient temperature of 200 c,50% of the capacity is still available.• Ultra strong capacity to withstand deep and large electric current discharging and if the battery is discharged 100%and recharged within 4 weeks, it can restore the original capacity and has a strong capability to withstand low and high temperatures.

• The capacity of batteries is constant and the capacity will increase to some extent in initial cycles.Meets Recognized Safety Standards UL recognized and meets the requirements of the International Air Transport Association’s “Non-Dangerous Goods” classification ( 41st edition, section 4.4, special provis n A67). These non-spillable batteries are suitable for indoor use and are ideal for standby backup power systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), emergency lighting, alarm systems, and solar/alternative energy systems.

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Batteries are an essential part of renewable energy systems,like solar, wind and back up systems because they enable you to store energy and use it when it is not being produced by the system....[more].

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