Go Solar Systems ltd is a leading installer of solar powered street ligts having installed several solar powereds flood lights and street lights for governments and non governmental organisations like DRC and UNHCR in various refugee camps and office compounds both in Kenya and South Sudan. In stead of using the traditional halogen lamps which consume about 400 to 1500 watts of power , our solar powede LED lamps consume from 20 to 150w with a similar or better luminouse intensity giving rise to bright solar powered streets , walk paths , bays , roads and other places that require all night lighting .


Solar powered street lighting has come of age and there are several paramerters that need to be considered when chosing the type to install. If its for a road , the width and lenght , if its a single or double lane,if its to be staggered and also the functionality of the road for exaple if its a road inside an estate or if its on a highway. If its a bay or pathway , the total area has to be measured to determine which street light or flood light is to be installed. We do a proper site survey to determine the wattage , luminouse flux, height of the pole and quantity of street lights or flood lights that need to be installed. More wattage does not necessarily mean more light. We have street lights and flood lights with low wattage but high luminous intensity.

Solar Street lights can enable county governments significantly reduce their electricity bills as well as reduce cost of wiring of new street lights over long distances. Institutions with bays and ware houses that need all night flood lighting can significantly reduce their electricity costs by installing solar powered flood lights and streetlight hence increasing their profits. We do a complete energy audit and recommend the best solutions to impliment including using energy efficient appliances eg 4 feet LED lights and bulbs as well as others with consume a fractio of what conventional appliances use.


Solar powered street lights are now a common feature in Most cities in Kenya and arround the world because the significantly reduce the cost of running the traditional halogen lamps. They are low power consuming high luminous intensity LED lamps that can be run by a single solar panel and solar battery and are light sensitive hence automatic in their function. Go Solar Systems ltd prides itself as one of the pioneers in solar street lighting installation in Kenya. We have installed numerous solar street lights and flood lights for county governments, Ngos eg Danish Refugee Council at Kambioos refugee camp, UNHC at Kakuma among others. ....[more].

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